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Wednesday 10 August 2016

AfterTrauma Blog – Making Sense: Trauma and Identity

In this my final guest post for AfterTrauma I explore the challenges people who have experienced significant trauma must face. Surviving massive trauma confronts the individual with some fundamental and profound questions. Questions that can lead or force that individual to make big lifestyle changes. Some positive, others not so positive.

The Space Between by Philip Sheridan
The Space Between by Philip Sheridan

The transition home from acute hospital care to the long term chronic care within ones community can prove incredibly difficult. Many factors can act to support or disable the individual during this difficult period. One that can last months and drift into years.

For some people the crisis of trauma and its survival can present one with a renewed sense of opportunity and growth. For other people, the crisis of trauma can present challenges that prove beyond the individuals ability to cope. When this happens it can lead to a downward spiral of concomitant losses; loss of employment, loss of familial bonds, substance misuse, and serious mental illness.

Crossing the River Lethe by Philip Sheridan
Crossing the River Lethe by Philip Sheridan

I explore and suggest the arts and humanities as a way to give voice to survivors and health care professionals (both acute and long term healthcare settings) as a way of connecting with and making sense of this difficult period of change.

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