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Philip (1963) grew up in Yorkshire where he lives today.  His published his first collection of poetry - Heart on the Mountain in 2012.

Philip Sheridan, poet, standing at the entrance to Keat's and Shelley's apartment in Rome
Philip Sheridan - Rome 2017

Philip facilitates poetry workshops with a range of adult groups that explore language, identity and meaning. He wrote, produced and directed the short film, Voices of a Patient, that features the recently departed Kate Granger MBE.

Philip Sheridan facilitates a poetry workshop, Leeds, 2017
Philip Sheridan – Poetry Workshop

Philip works as a facilitator and tutor at the School of Medicine, University of Leeds, with medical students and post-graduate students, he is a very proud member of the Patient | Carer Community. He also works on communication skills, curriculum development, leadership, and as a guest lecturer at other Universities across the UK.

In December 2013 Philip received the Award for Inspiration at the national Limbless Association Prosthetic and Orthotic Awards at Westminster, London.

Please do get in touch: +44 (0) 7528 959091