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Mike Parsons, former CEO Karrimor International, founder OMM Ltd. 28th January 2017
‘Phil has wide knowledge and skills both as a graphic designer, digital copyright issues, and as a discussion moderator/facilitator. He has made a real difference to our new start up, OutdoorGearCoach.’

Dr Elisa Foster. Henry Moore Institute. 22nd October 2016
‘It was wonderful to meet you and thanks for such a superb presentation. It was such a pleasure to meet you and engage in a truly interdisciplinary discussion. We were so pleased to have you participate in the 3DMe conference and I hope to hear more about your future projects and research.’

James Dootson. Sports Rehabilitation student representative, University of Bradford. 4th December 2014
‘You have opened our eyes to the importance of psychological aspect related to the physical injuries. There is a babble of excitement in air following your visit; my fellow students and I are inspired. Your story is incredible, thank you for sharing it with us.’
Philip Sheridan - Public Speaking - Image Telegraph & Argus
Philip Sheridan - Public Speaking

Karen Howden. Director of Careers & Employability, Leeds Trinity University. 19th December 2013
‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting us at the recent Careers in Sport event. Your workshop was very well received and I know one lecturer was very impressed and thought the content was relevant to students studying biomechanics.’
Shaun Leonard. Director, Wild Trout Trust. 25th May 2013
‘Phil Sheridan offered the keynote address to the 3rd Urban Conclave of the Wild Trout Trust's Trout in the Town groups, held in Salford on 24-26 May 2013. Phil spoke on the subject of resilience and urban river restoration, starting his tale with his experiences on Keighley's River Worth ... Phil's journey back from an accident that nearly took his life is genuinely extraordinary, resilience with the biggest knobs on. Phil's experiences and his recovery to be a serious mountain climbing, Dales-running, hard-fishing, thoroughly good bloke is utterly inspirational and displays some of the guts that anyone involved with an urban river restoration programme is going to need in spadefulls. And there was one real gem for urban river menders - don't keep hitting the same problem in the same, stubborn-headed way - change the angle of 'attack' and you might just win out.’
Amy P. MSc Occupational Science and Therapy Student. Leeds Metropolitan University. 31st January 2013
‘Thank you Phil for sharing such an honest and frank insight into your personal journey. I know I will remember it throughout my own practice; and I hope that more people can draw strength from what you have, and continue to achieve.’
Fiona Page. Foundation Trust Membership Manager. Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. 7th November 2012
‘Thanks again for an excellent presentation yesterday ... the comments below speak for themselves!’

'His talk was remarkable, uplifting and inspirational.'

'I could have listened to him talk for hours.'

'Amazing story!'

'It was an excellent talk – top class.'

'Amazing man, courage and determination against huge pressures.  An inspiration.'

'What a really brilliant talk.  It was so interesting and well put over.'

'It was very inspirational for me and others and it motivates me in sport.'
Mark Davies. Managing Director [Clinical Services Division] RSLSteeper. 13th October 2012.
‘Hi Philip ... you were a star!
You were bang on message, a perfect fit for the day and as per penultimate slide if delegates left enthused and inspired as I hope they did then you played a key part in this.

Thank you ... for joining us and helping to make the conference the
success I believe it was.’
R.J.O'Connor, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine. 19th January 2010.
‘I would like to thank you for participating in teaching the 4th Year Medical students about rehabilitation. Even though it was the first year that we have run this type of teaching, it was a tremendously successful day. The feedback from the students was universally positive and they rated your sessions as the best part of the course so far.’

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