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VX Sport

VX is a ball sport like no other from the UK. It originates from Ripon, North Yorkshire in the UK and launched in Feb 2006. The sport developed over the years by the International Federation until 2012 when the Federation rebranded the sport to VX to cater for its international development.

First time viewers of the VX can recognise elements from sports like dodgeball, lacrosse, basque pelota and hockey.

VX has become popular in schools across the UK.  Universities, colleges, youth organisations, Street Games and the military have all begun to adopt it as its popularity spreads. It had begun to attract interest from the Prison Service and some Primary Care Trusts.

VX has a foothold in 24 countries of which 14 have National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

VX represents a sport for the 21st century. From its outset inclusivity has remained a core tenet of its ethos. Where else do you find male and female players, some with physical and mental health impairments, can compete on an equal basis.


I'm proud to have become a patron to VX. Find out why by visiting VX Global.


Has an clear aim, to develop and spread the word about this exciting new sport with its emphasis on fair play, inclusivity and respect, throughout the world and achieve Olympic status.

Visit VX Global for news, video and more about VX.

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