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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Voices of a Patient - Film

Voices of a Patient - A poem by Philip Sheridan

I wrote Voices of a Patient in November 2014. I felt inspired to write the poem from the conversations I had with and heard from my peers in the Patient | Carer Community (PCC) based at Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME), University of Leeds. Early on in the new year I suggested the idea of a film to Jools Symons, Patient & Public Involvement Manager at the LIME, who gave her blessing. Thus commenced the production of the film.

I joined the PCC in 2012 after almost two decades as a children's therapist, team leader, practice educator and trainer. In September 2002, almost half way through my career, I survived a near fatal road accident that left me with long term physical disabilities and mental health issues. It didn't take long for this awesome community of people to make a big impression on me. In particular the way they brought all their knowledge, skills, experience, and most of all their passion, to bring the patient and carer voice into the education of Tomorrow’s Doctors.

I dedicate this poem and film to them, and to all those people who work in the health services who see the human being first, not a condition.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the PCC members who appear in this film:
Jonathan Eyre
Ian Horbury
Robina Mir
Cynthia Rover
Effie-Jane Wallis
Kenneth Watson
Sharron Winn
Special thanks must go to Dr Kate Granger MBE founder of the #hellomynameis campaign. Despite her busy schedule, Kate made time to visit and read the poem when she had so much on. I hope this film will help spread Kate's message about the importance of good introductions for compassionate, high quality care and patient safety.

You can find out more about Kate's campaign at: